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31 Mai


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The magic box is now available for 4-8 years !

15 Oct

You are between 4 and 8 years! So do not hesitate, come quickly Checher your Magic Box in Quick! Chose your hot dish, your support, your drink, your dessert and win an amazing toy!

You got the choice!
For hot dish selected from the Dips, Fish nuggets or cheese burger ?
Be taken for your support,chips, potatoes or small tomatoes ?
For your choice of drinks, all your wishes will come true!
And for dessert, it will be the rod tools apple or ice cream?

This week, Batman finds in your Magic Box. If you want to become a superhero, goes to Quick!


The crispy bacon has arrived!

15 Oct

Come and enjoy our new hamburger: the crispy bacon. With crispy fries, two 100% beef chopped steak, two slices of bacon and cheese its delicious sauce with onions. It’s crazy! it’s magic! and it’s in your Quick 



15 Oct

Quick shows its commitment to sustainable fishing by obtaining the MSC certification for its entire white fish supply chain.

ImageWith this certificate, the brand undertakes work towards building solid partnerships with its suppliers, using only wild white fish sourced from sustainable fisheries.

Quick is one of the first Groups in the European fast food sector to obtain the MSC certification for all of its white fish supplies. With its restaurants serving 208 million customers each year with 888 tonnes of fish, Quick is making an important commitment to preserving fish stocks and safeguarding jobs in the fishing industry.

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